Terminal Compliance

What is compliance?

Every EFTPOS terminal operating in New Zealand is required to meet specific security standards, these standards are put in place to protect both merchants and cardholders from fraud.

Your EFTPOS terminal will have both a hardware version and software version, both with a “sunset date”, at which time the version is no longer considered compliant. It is vital that your EFTPOS terminal’s hardware and software versions are up to date to ensure your store can continue to transact without interruptions. If an EFTPOS terminal does not remain compliant it will be disconnected from the payment network, preventing its use.

As long as your EFTPOS terminal is connected via the Internet, it can receive software updates automatically. This will ensure that your terminal’s software version remains compliant. The sunset date of an EFTPOS terminal’s hardware version will typically indicate end-of-life of an EFTPOS terminal model, this will require the merchant to physically upgrade the EFTPOS terminal to a newer model.

Please note: Software versions are named by the year they were developed, this does not indicate the year that they are valid until. For example, the 2018 software version does not sunset until April 2022.

Does your terminal need updating?

If you are an Eftco rental customer we will ensure that your terminal remains compliant, no need to worry. 

With another supplier or own your terminal? If your terminal is uncompliant please fill out the form below or give us a call on 0800 180 180 extension 144.

This is usually an 8 digit number which can be found on the top of a receipt from your EFTPOS terminal.

Hardware sunset dates:

V2: April 2020
V3: April 2023
V4: April 2026
V5: April 2029

Software sunset dates:

2014: October 2020
2015: October 2020
2016: October 2020
2017: April 2022
2018: April 2022
190April 2024

Common terminal hardware versions:

iCT2XX: V3
iWL2XX: V3
iPP310: V3
iPP350: V3/V4
Move Series: V4/V5
Desk Series: V4/V5

S80/S90: V3
D2XX: V3
S900: V3
S300/S800: V3/V4
S920: V4

QT720: V4

VX520: V3
VX820: V3
VX680: V3
VX675: V3
VX690: V3
V200T: V5
V205c: V5
V240M: V5
P400/M400: V5

Common terminal software versions:
Note: Software automatically updates in most cases.
iCT2XX: 2018
iWL2XX: 2018
iPP310: 2018
iPP350: 2018
Move Series: 190
Desk Series: 190

S80/S90: 2017
D2XX: 2017
S900: 190
S300/S800: 190
S920: 2017

QT720: 2017

VX520: 2017
VX820: 2017
VX680: 2017
VX675: 2017
VX690: N/A
V200T: 190
V205c: 190
V240M: 190
P400/M400: 190

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