Verifone Vault

Vault redefines integrated payment technology by providing the processing power of a fully PC based integrated payment system with the simplicity of a standalone payment terminal. All EFTPOS functions are driven from the POS System and executed by the Vault payment application which resides on the Verifone hardware.

Vault integration is available on the following models:
Verifone P400 (Recommended Option)
Verifone M400 (Recommended Option)
Verifone V240M
Verifone V205c
Verifone V200T

Verifone VX520c
Verifone VX820 PIN pad
Verifone VX820 Duet
Verifone VX680 Wi-Fi

Verifone Vault

Suitable for: Whether you’re a single convenience store, a multi-branded gas station or a large retailer, Vault offers a cost-effective, end-to-end payment solution that’s tailored to meet a variety of business needs. It still provides peace of mind for customers wanting to enter personal PINs, but also the swiftness of NFC/contactless for transactions under $80.00. The new graphics options allow merchants to visually engage customers through branded messages or promos to reinforce recognition or maintain loyalty.


  • Fast Transaction Speed – reduces customer wait times at POS
  • Accuracy – eliminates operator keying errors
  • Simplifies – end of day POS and EFTPOS reconciliation processes
  • Fall back to Standalone mode-provides the option of operating the terminal in standalone mode during POS hardware failures (hardware dependent)
  • Network utilisation – allows multiple stores to consolidate EFTPOS transactions via a company WAN to one single point for connection via IP to Paymark
  • Deployments can range from one lane to multiple lanes, across one store or multiple stores
  • Windows based – requires Windows XP or above with .NET 2.0 framework
  • Automatic updates to software ensures Vault lanes are remotely updated to the latest software version available



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Contactless/NFC capable

Merchant Network

Terminal Dimensions

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