Ingenico iCT250 EFTPOS + iPP310 PIN pad

The iCT250 has multiple connectivity options which include dial-up, broadband and 3G (NOTE – it still needs a power source). The iCT250 countertop device is ideal for businesses looking to interface with their POS.

The iPP310 PIN pad can be connected to either the iCT220 or iCT250 countertop. This PIN pad provides customer visibility with large buttons.

Ingenico iCT250 + iPP310 PIN pad

The Ingenico iCT250 countertop and iPP310 PIN pad combines all the latest technology and together they offer a huge range of functionality. Besides its ergonomic styling, this PIN pad uses large buttons assisted with backlighting to provide ease of use and greater customer visibility in any environment. Having a PIN pad gives the added bonus of versatility. The iCT250 and iPP310 deliver the convenience of contactless/NFC capabilities and customers personal PIN entry, to provide an exceptional merchant and customer experience.

Suitable for: With its multiple connectivity options which include dialup, broadband and GPRS, the iCT250 countertop makes being a merchant easy.. If you have problems with phonelines or simply don’t have a phoneline or broadband readily available, then the iCT250 is perfect for you. The GRPS connectivity option uses cell reception to process transactions on your countertop device to ensure constant availability NOTEit still needs a power source. This combo is great for use in healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors, especially if you complete over 15 transactions a day.


  • Large keypad with backlighting for greater customer visibility
  • Contactless/NFC capable
  • Available to connect with multiple communications: IP/broadband, GPRS or dial up
  • Transaction speed on Broadband
  • Ability to enable  two – way interface

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Contactless/NFC capable

Interface one way

Interface two way

Merchant Network

Paper Roll Size

PIN pad attachment available

PIN pad Dimensions

PIN pad Weight

Terminal Dimensions

Terminal Weight

Terminal Connectivity

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