Paymark Insights

A fresh perspective on your business

Paymark Insights is a fantastic tool that provides you with greater insights into your transactions, so you can maximise business opportunities. Know the answers to questions like:
1. When are you busiest?
2. Which customers spend more, new or returning?
3. How are you tracking compared to this time last week?
4. Are your marketing efforts paying off? 

And much more, so you’re in a better position to make decisions.  

All stores in one view

You have access to a live dashboard of your revenue, transactions and repeat customers. Paymark Insights reports direct from your Paymark connected EFTPOS machines.

With no set-up and insights dating back to 1 June 2016, you can get the best view of your store anywhere, at any time.

Customer loyalty

Use your dashboard to get an indication of how many customers have been to your store before, and how many visited for the first time.

Big Insights, Little Cost

Week & Day Comparisions

24/7 Support

Live revenue stream

Get a live view of revenue through all of your Paymark connected EFTPOS machines, and compare it to last week without any number crunching.

Pinpoint your focus with reporting down to the hour. Or take a bird’s eye view to gauge how you’re trending over a week. The dashboard automatically calculates running totals, so you can always see how you’re tracking against last week.

Find out more about Paymark Insights and how it can help you. 

You're in good company

Need EFTPOS for your business?

Your EFTPOS terminal is just one input to the true cost of providing EFTPOS and it’s the smallest. Don’t make the mistake of not taking into account your fees. Some providers provide lower monthly hire costs but end up charging a lot more for fee processing. Some businesses end up paying hundreds if not thousands more than they need to each month.
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