Merchant Number

What is a merchant number? Why do I need one?

You, our customer, are what we call merchants. You must have a merchant number to accept EFTPOS and credit card payments. The merchant facility is supported by a processing bank, and once this is active you will be provided with a merchant ID number.

How it works?

This merchant ID gets programmed into your EFTPOS terminal so that customer payments to you get paid into your business bank account. The bank that holds your business bank account will most often (but not always) be the same as your processing bank (the bank that issues you with a merchant ID number).

If your business is going to have more than one EFTPOS terminal, you will need multiple terminal IDs setup on your merchant facility. You will need one terminal ID per EFTPOS terminal.

We take care of this entire process for you. We can even step in before you open a bank account and help with that too. Quite simply, we are your best choice for getting paid. Learn more about each solution for getting paid below.

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Your EFTPOS terminal is just one input to the true cost of providing EFTPOS and it’s the smallest. Don’t make the mistake of not taking into account your fees. Some providers provide lower monthly hire costs but end up charging a lot more for fee processing. Some businesses end up paying hundreds if not thousands more than they need to each month.
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