Kicker Loyalty Platform

What is a loyalty scheme?

A loyalty scheme is any system that lets you reward returning customers, encouraging them to return and keep purchasing goods from your business. Loyalty can also be a great tool to bring in new customers and keep them returning again and again.

Typically, a merchant/business owner will select a reward of their choosing. For example, this can be a as simple as a straight product conversion. Examples of this could be:  1 free coffee after you purchase 9 coffees, a 10% discount after you spend $100.00 or a points reward once you have spent a set amount. It is (or should be) completely up to the business owner to decide what reward and what ratio of spend to reward.

One such example is a system called Kicker, a loyalty programme that doesn’t require stamps or for customers to keep 20 cards in their wallet for each separate business. If the customer would like to sign up, all they need to do is swipe their EFTPOS or credit card through the EFTPOS terminal. It will ask for their phone number and that’s it! Every time they return and use one of their nominated cards they automatically earn points. Loyalty simplified with EFTPOS. The real advantage is the ability for remarketing to your customer base and the ability to create smaller ecosystems with other merchants or in multi-site operations.

Key benefits of Kicker

Data-based return on investment, through the ability to track how much registered and participating customers are spending over a 90-day period compared to non-registered customers. In the retailers using Kicker, we see a 2X – 3X higher spend per card over a 90-day period for registered customers compared to non-registered customers.

Ability to segment and reach customers out-of-store. For example, Kicker will automatically identify customers that have not visited recently, and highlight them in the web portal, and optionally send a reward to these customers to tempt them back in-store. You can also find and reward top-spending and most frequent customers.

Customers do not have to remember or present a separate card or identifier to the cashier, they earn just by paying as normal, and get notified via SMS when they unlock a reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I customise?
The reward and spend amount can be set, as well as the idle screen logo and colour scheme.

Can I use the Kicker application and integrate my EFTPOS terminal with my POS system?
Yes! In fact this is recommended where possible as it allows your customers to easily approach the EFTPOS terminal and check their reward status as it is likely the EFTPOS terminal is always customer facing.

Do my customers need to use the same card to pay each time?
No, so long as your customer performs the sign up process for each of their debit/credit cards, they can use multiple linked cards to earn toward the same reward.

How do my customers earn rewards?
During the initial setup you will choose a reward (such as “free coffee”) and a spend amount to unlock this reward (such as $40). During each of your customer’s transactions using a card linked to their account, the Kicker application will keep track of the amount spent and show the progress toward unlocking the reward. This can be across multiple transactions as the amount for a single transaction may not immediately unlock a reward.

How do my customers redeem rewards?
Once your customer has reached the configured spend target, they will be informed that they have unlocked a reward. Using a linked card, they will then be able to select the redeem option and the terminal will print a voucher confirming redemption of this reward, this can be given to the cashier to prove redemption.


Supported terminal models: