Paymark Insights - FAQs

For security, you need to sign up for Paymark Insights using an email address that has been registered with Paymark. This will be the billing email or contact email address currently held on file by Paymark. If you don’t have an email address registered with us, need to change your email, or you’re unsure which one we have on file, please call us 0800 Paymark (0800 729 627).

The dashboard includes all accepted transactions made using a payment card. Paymark Insights does not include data from declined transactions or any loyalty card schemes.

Paymark Insights provides you with a snapshot of how your business is performing over a 24 hour period. Because your settlement window may be different, the figures presented may not reconcile with your settlement figures. We recommend that you use TransTrack to reconcile transactions against the amount deposited into your bank account.

No. However, you can view this information in Transtrack. If you aren’t registered for Transtrack, please call 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627).

No. Online EFTPOS transaction will not show up in Paymark Insights.

No. Paymark Insights currently supports only one registered user per organisation.

Yes. Cash withdrawals are included in the transaction amounts.

Yes. Refunds are included as a negative value.

No. Paymark Insights only shows a calendar day, if you trade overnight, this will be reported over the two calendar days.

We will remove your access to Paymark Insights as part of the change of ownership process. You need to provide us with five business day’s notice of any change of ownership. If your business is changing hands, please contact 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627).

There are no fixed term contracts, so you can call or email us to cancel at any time. Keep in mind that we bill in arrears so your Paymark Insights charges will be included on the invoice issued the following month. For more information about billing, please refer to the billing support section.

No. The data will only be available for you to access online while you have a current Paymark Insights account.

The Paymark team are working to continuously improve our products and services. Please send your feedback through to

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