Ingenico Software Update

You may have received a notification from Paymark or even your bank informing you that your terminal needs to be upgraded. 

This requires you to have the latest software to ensure that your EFTPOS terminal is compliant, and in some cases we need to force the download.

Please note if your EFTPOS terminal is connected via dial-up (phone line) there will be no way for your terminal to perform this download. Contact us at 0800 180 181.

Follow these simple steps

The instructions below can be used to perform the software update on the following terminal models: iCT250, iCT220, iWL250, Move/5000, Move/2500, Desk/5000 & Desk/3200.

  1. Make sure you perform the download outside of business hours.
  2. Make sure your EFTPOS terminal is plugged in and charged (if you have a mobile EFTPOS)
  3. Press FUNC and type in 1234 and press ENTER.
  4. It should go back to the main screen
  5. Press FUNC and type in 2468 and press ENTER.
  6. Your EFTPOS will display “TMS Action”, press ENTER.
  7. It will run through a download and it could take up to an hour.
  8. At the end of the download, you may notice a long receipt, this can be discarded.