Service Station Solutions

In your industry it doesn’t take long for queues to start forming. Customers are often in a rush, so a fast turnaround at point of sale keeps them happy. You accept multiple fuel cards and need to integrate your Point of Sale (POS) with your EFTPOS terminal, in order to keep a detailed reconciliation of the days payments. Check out some of the options we can offer you.

Payment Options


(Visa payWave/MasterCard PayPass)

Are long queues frustrating your customers?
Do long queues of customers and forgotten PIN hold ups sound familiar? If so, Contactless could help, while also enabling the use of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Contactless is also more hygenic, as customers don’t have to touch the terminal. Our Account Managers will help you decide if the benefits of going Contactless outweigh the costs.

Analysed purchase

Don’t waste time with reconciliations
Did you know that analysed purchase is a requirement to accept various fuel cards? Product tables allows you to set different pricing for petrol, diesel, carwash etc.

Point of Sale Integration

Don’t waste time with reconciliations
The last thing you want to be dealing with at the end of a long day is trying to reconcile two different systems. It can be stressful when EFTPOS and POS totals don’t balance. POS Integration eliminates these issues as prices do not need to be manually keyed into the EFTPOS terminal. Instead they’ll be sent automatically from the POS, so totals will always match.

Pole stands

Perfect for high counters
Pole Stands provide a great way to elevate and secure your terminal and/or PIN pad, making it easier for customers to pay you. Pole Stands are perfect for flat or high counters which can leave your terminal hard to reach.

Greater Variety of PIN pads

Accessible, visible and easy to use

We provide a variety of PIN pads with many different features. For example, we have PIN pads where staff do not need to handle the customer’s card, so it’s easier and more hygienic for them. Or if you have a high counter, we have PIN pads with large back-light keys; helpful for visually impaired and elderly customers.

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Your EFTPOS terminal is just one input to the true cost of providing EFTPOS and it’s the smallest. Don’t make the mistake of not taking into account your fees. Some providers provide lower monthly hire costs but end up charging a lot more for fee processing. Some businesses end up paying hundreds if not thousands more than they need to each month.
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