COVID-19 Information

What's OK to Sanitise with?

We have had a lot of businesses asking how to safely sanitise their EFTPOS terminal. This is an important step towards protecting both your staff and your customers. 

If you have any questions about what we are discussing here or if you have concerns please do not hesitate to email or call us on 0800 180 180

We understand that you may be concerned about potential damage to your EFTPOS terminal caused by improper cleaning. We recommend using disposable disinfectant or alcohol wipes as these reduce the chances of accidentally applying too much liquid. However you can also use a cleaning cloth with a small amount of 70% isopropyl (rubbing alcohol).

The most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of liquid your cleaning method involves, it’s crucial not to over saturate your EFTPOS terminal. Damp is ideal – you do not want any excess liquid down the keypad.

Simple Steps to Minimise Exposure

  1. Clean the EFTPOS machine.
    As machines can be touched by hundreds of people a day, you need to take steps to clean your machine regularly. The gold standard out of Europe is to wipe the machine down with an alcohol wipe after every transaction, but simply wiping the machine down regularly, say once an hour will help reduce cross infection to others if a COVID-19 sufferer has handled your machine.
    You can also get card cleaners to deep clean the card slots on your payment terminal.
    Fitting the machine with a wet cover will further protect against infection by making the key mat easier to clean, while also preventing damage caused by cleaning frequently.
    Never use cleaning fluids or liquid sprays directly on your machine as moisture will cause damage which can be costly to repair.
    And lastly, remember to regularly wash your hands. 
  2. Install a customer pinpad.
    Installing a customer facing pinpad will further reduce the interaction between your staff and the cardholder so they do not have to touch the main payment terminal. In some cases if you run a POS system we may be able to install a remote pinpad so your staff don’t have to touch the payment terminal at all. 
  3. Enable contactless (payWave).
    By enabling contactless on the machine you will avoid the need for customers to touch the payment terminal at all for transactions under $80. Remember this may cost you more in processing fees in the short term but it will lower the risk of cross infection and you can always turn it off once the COVID-19 risk is gone. 
  4. Look at your cash handling.
    It is difficult to sanitise cash so you may want to look at whether you need to accept cash at all. A difficult decision for some businesses, but if things get much worse it is something you may want to consider. 


Adding a wetcover to your EFTPOS terminal can make cleaning much easier, while also protecting the terminal from damage.