Protecting Customers from Fraud

The security of your eftpos terminal is an on-going concern when it comes to preventing credit and debit card fraud. Card fraud is becoming a 'growth industry' amongst career criminals and whilst your eftpos machine does have in-built security measures, there are things you and your team need to know about maintain security for your business and your customers. Below is a list of recommendations published by Paymark to help businesses owners and manager like you to prevent any criminal activity from occurring.


  • Always ensure that terminals are secure and under supervision during operating hours (including any spare or replacement EFTPOS terminals you have).
  • Ensure that only authorised employees have access to your EFTPOS terminals and are fully trained on their use.
  • When closing your store or kiosk, always ensure that your EFTPOS terminals are securely locked and not exposed to unauthorised access.
  • Never allow your EFTPOS terminal to be maintained, swapped or removed without advance notice from your EFTPOS provider. Be aware of unannounced service visits and only allow your authorised EFTPOS provider to maintain, swap or remove your terminal, and always ensure that security identification is provided.
  • Inspect your EFTPOS terminals on a regular basis – check that there are no additional cables running from your EFTPOS terminal and that the casing has not been tampered with.
  • Check your EFTPOS terminal is located where it should be each morning and is printing the correct details on receipts.
  • Record your terminal’s serial number and store in a secure location. Check the serial number matches this record each morning.
  • Make sure that any CCTV or other security cameras located near your EFTPOS terminal(s) can not observe cardholders entering details.


Contact us on   0800 180 181 or the Paymark EFTPOS Helpdesk on  0800 800 996 immediately if:

  • Your EFTPOS terminal is missing
  • You, or any member of your staff is approached to perform maintenance, swap or remove your EFTPOS terminal without prior notification from your EFTPOS provider/or security identification is not provided
  • Your EFTPOS terminal prints incorrect receipts or has incorrect details or
  • Your EFTPOS terminal is damaged or has been tampered with. For more information on how you can prevent fraud and secure your EFTPOS terminal
 PCI Security Standards