Contactless Eftpos Solutions

Contactless is globally accepted payment technology that allows consumers to make faster transactions. Users simply hold their contactless card against the card reader to pay for goods and services.

Contactless transactions do not require a PIN or signature for authorisation for purchases under $80.

Contactless cards will display this logo:

Why you should go Contactless?

Paying has never been faster! You’ll see quicker service at point of sale, shorter queues and less purchase abandonment. The average speed of service for contactless is under two seconds, compared to a standard chip card of 23-35 seconds.
The contactless payment platform leverages the security benefits of EMV (chip card) technology, providing you and your customers with a secure payments platform. The microchip embedded in the card, along with advanced security encryption features make it extremely difficult to create a functioning counterfeit version.
At point of sale there are no accidental payments; the card never leaves the cardholder’s hand. That means they stay in control throughout the entire transaction.
Overseas, contactless has been around for almost a decade and since then it has expanded across the globe. New Zealand has over 1 million contactless cards, and the number is ever increasing. Contactless cards are a stepping stone to mobile NFC (Near Field Communication) payments. Soon, banks, retailers, transport and loyalty providers will be able to put applications, e.g. cards onto smartphones to be used on terminals throughout New Zealand.

How does Contactless work?

Contactless cards are embedded with an antenna and a microchip. The chip, via the antenna is able to communicate securely with a special contactless EFTPOS terminal using NFC technology.

  1. The cardholder holds their contactless card within a couple of centimetres of the secure contactless card reader at the point of sale instead of swiping or inserting it.
  2. The cardholder follows the prompts on the terminal.
  3. The cardholder maintains control of their card at all times.
  4. Merchants are not required to print a transaction receipt unless one is requested by the customer.

If you’re operating a fast-paced retail business and think that contactless technology may be a good option for you then please  0800 180 180. We are happy to advise you on how the system works and answer any questions you may have before you make a choice.

How to process a Contactless transaction?

After initaiting the transaction:

The terminal will briefly display PRESENT/INSERT or SWIPE CARD.
Cardholder holds their card up to the terminal screen briefly.
If the transaction is under $80 an ACCEPTED or DECLINED message will display.
If the transaction is over $80, the cardholder will be asked to enter their PIN.

Things to consider before opting for Contactless technology

  • The system only works for Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. If you don’t accept credit cards then it may not suit your business. However if credit card transactions are already common place then this could be a great fit!
  • Contactless is likely to increase the amount of credit transactions that take place in your business. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard charge a per-transaction fee, these fees are over and above your EFTPOS transaction subscription.
  • The maximum individual transaction value for a contactless transaction is $80