Software Licence Fee


Software Compliance is the term used to cover the management of the application software in the Eftpos terminal fleet, and ultimately, the ongoing security and compliance of the New Zealand payments industry.

By way of background, in 2012 some significant new requirements were introduced into the New Zealand payments market around ensuring that EFTPOS terminals are compliant for the duration of their service life.

Among these new requirements, all terminal Vendors operating in the New Zealand market, now have a legal responsibility to ensure that payment devices deployed to the field are kept up to date with current software. While we continue to drive innovation in the New Zealand payments market, we also need to share the responsibility of safeguarding the security of electronic payments from potential fraudsters, hackers and scammers.

With the ever-increasing pace of technological change in the payments arena, we expect that the frequency of EFTPOS terminal software releases will increase.

It’s important to note that these new requirements for participants in the payments market are compulsory - not optional – for us all to operate in New Zealand.

This has prompted the industry to implement to introduce a monthly software license fee payable per terminal. Under this software license, a terminal will receive unlimited software upgrades, as and when they become available, using a remote Terminal Management System. This will ensure that customers will no longer have to worry whether their software is compliant and up to date, and will also minimise the risk of fraud by maintaining the highest possible level of software compliance.

Why is my terminal hardware and software important?

Terminals are approved for connection to the Paymark network provided they are operating compliant versions of both hardware and software. Software and hardware versions operate on separate release cycles, and it is important that each remains compliant to ensure you can continue taking payments.

What do I need to know about terminal software?

Paymark releases an annual software life cycle, which is necessary to maintain compliance and enables the introduction of new payment features. Current software versions are listed below:


Sunset Date

6 30/04/2016
6.1 30/04/2017
2013 30/04/2017
2014 30/04/2018
2015 30/04/2019

The sunset date, also known as a disconnection date, is the last date that a particular hardware version can connect to and transact on the Paymark network.

What do I need to know about terminal software?

The physical terminal hardware has a different security certification, and this standard is an international standard called PCI PED.

In New Zealand, these sunset dates are managed by Paymark and Payments NZ.

The current sunset dates that apply to PCI PED are


Sunset Date

1.3 30/04/2017
2.x 30/04/2020
3.x T.B.A.
4.x T.B.A.

The easiest way to determine what version of software or hardware your terminal is running you can  0800 180 180