UPGRADE OR UPDATE: Is your EFTPOS terminal/s running Paymark Software Version 6.1 or 2013? 

Decide before 1st May 2017!

If your business has one of these EFTPOS terminals pictured below, it is running the either old software version 6.1 or 2013 OR it has an old hardware version PCI PED 1.3. You will need to get it either upgraded or updated (depending on your EFTPOS terminal).

Verifone Vx670

Verifone VX510

Ingenico i5100

Ingenico i7910 GPRS

Anything with a PAX SP30 PIN pad

Creon E/Q/GPRS

UPGRADE - Get it replaced with the new generation of eftpos. Simply click the enquiry form, fill it out and we will get back to you. Sign up with eftco (you must be a new customer) and you will receive a $50.00 voucher. Check your potential replacement options below.


Standalone EFTPOS

Integrated EFTPOS

Standalone EFTPOS with PIN pad

UPDATE - A small number of new generation eftpos terminals that were deployed in 2013 are still running software version 6.1. These need to get updated to the latest software version. This will allow you to continue using the terminal. This can be very simple if your EFTPOS connects via broadband or 3G. It's an easy download to your EFTPOS which updates your terminal to the latest software version. Contact us to check your terminal.

This eftpos expiry is in accordance with the compliance standards as set by Paymark, your network provider. Your EFTPOS will not be able to process electronic transactions from the 1st May 2017 unless it is running the latest software.

Unsure about what is happening? Don't know what software version you are running on the EFTPOS?

Contact Sammy   enquiries@eftco.co.nz or  0800 180 180 ext 555 to speak to someone directly about your EFTPOS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrade or Update REQUIRED

Why do I need to replace/upgrade my terminal?
To keep our world-leading network up to date with international standards and combat fraudulent activity Paymark are always upgrading it, as well as the software and hardware that interact with it. This means from time to time Paymark mandate that older terminals be upgraded. This protects from the risk of fraud and enables retailers to continue accepting electronic payments in a safe and secure manner.

What will happen if I don't replace or update my EFTPOS terminal?
Only terminals that are running 6.1 software need to be upgraded before 1st May 2017. If you do not upgrade your 6.1 terminal, you will not be able to process electronic payments from 1st May 2017. After 30th April 2017 the machine has to be replaced with a PCI PED 3.0 terminal with software version 2015 or later. Paymark, along with New Zealand banks and international schemes (like Visa and MasterCard) enforce terminal upgrades to ensure New Zealand is operating in line with global EMV security standards.  

If devices are not updated by 1 May 2017, what will I see on the screen?
The terminal will boot normally, and the display will show an error.

Which eftpos terminals are impacted?
All terminals operating software version 6.1 & 2013, including Verifone vx670, vx510, vx810 duet, Ingenico i5100, i7910, i3010 (and a small amount of new generation EFTPOS- see above)