New to Eftpos

We understand everything may seem overwhelming and you may be getting pulled in several directions. It can be a little confusing knowing exactly what you have to do to accept Eftpos transactions. 

Some questions you may have are:

  • What is a merchant number and where do I go to get one?
  • What are the costs for a merchant number?
  • Do I have to or want to accept credit cards?
  • What are the costs for accepting credit cards?
  • Where should I get my Eftpos from?
  • What sort of machine should I get and will it be reliable?
  • Will you install it for me and show me how to use it?
  • What happens if it breaks down?

We can handle the whole process for you from start to finish, simplifying it for you.  We get you in touch with a Merchant Representative from the processing bank of your choice, or we can advise you on a bank to choose.

We supply the major brands of Eftpos in New Zealand so that we can offer you unbiased advice on equipment type.

We can install the equipment on-site to the majority of the country through our extensive service contractor network at which point you will be provided with training on how to use the EFTPOS. We have a seven-day Toll Free Helpdesk where 90% of issues get resolved.  This is backed up by a full replacement warranty on any of our standard rental agreements. Replacement equipment will be arranged with a simple phone call to any of our friendly knowledgeable sales team.


Eftpos is only a phone call away  0800 180 180 or