Common Faults

  1. Depending on your terminal model you may see a network icon in the top of the screen ,  It should be green, if it’s grey/white or orange/red then your EFTPOS is not connected to the network.
  2. Check that the ethernet cable (also known as broadband cable) is plugged into the ETH (Ethernet) port on the back of the EFTPOS terminal and that the other end is connected to your network or modem.
  3. Check that the portlight on your modem is illuminated for the port the EFTPOS terminal is connected to.
  4. Turn off the EFTPOS machine and check that the portlight on the modem goes out.
  5. Turn the EFTPOS terminal back on, wait until it’s returned to the main screen, and then perform a log-on (see quick guide).
  6. If still not successful, reboot the Modem. Do this by turning it off for 15 seconds and then on again. Wait for it to reconnect. This usually takes about 3 mins. Then perform a log-on.
  1. Do you have anything else that uses the Wi-Fi in store? Is that working?
  2. Check your modem is connected and all the lights are working.
  3. Restart the EFTPOS terminal by turning it off for a few seconds and then on again.
  4. Wait until the EFTPOS terminal returns to the main screen.
  5. Perform a log-on.
  1. Restart the EFTPOS
  2. Move the terminal around to see if you can get reception bars on your EFTPOS screen.
  3. Is the SIM card still in the back of the machine?
  4. Is it a prepaid SIM? If so check you have credit. If you get a SIM with Eftco get in contact and we can check when it was last active and if there are issues with the network in your area.
  1. Restart your EFTPOS terminal
  2. Follow the quick guide instructions on how to log-on according to your specific EFTPOS terminal.
  3. Simply click the button below which will direct you to our EFTPOS User Guide page.
  4. Select your terminal, download the ‘Quick Guide’ and simply follow the directions for a ‘Log-on’.

View User Guide

  1. Check that other devices connected to your network have an internet connection.
  2. Turn the power off to the EFTPOS terminal. Leave off for 15 seconds before restarting.
  3. Check to ensure that all connections are securely plugged in.
  4. Perform a Log-on. It should display ‘accepted’ if successful.
  5. Once it goes back to the main screen try to process the transaction again
  6. If it displays anything else call our Service Technicians on 0800 180 181

Can occur for a variety of reasons, in most cases the EFTPOS terminal has been unable to communicate with Paymark. This is often caused by network connection issues with the internet, cellular or phone line connection.

The card’s issuing bank has declined the transaction. The most common cause is insufficient customer funds.

Cardholder may have selected the wrong account type for their card (cheque, savings or credit).

The cardholder has entered an incorrect PIN number for their card.

The merchant facility has not been set up to accept this card type. Commonly occurs when a credit card that the merchant does not accept has been used.

The type of transaction attempted is not supported by the merchant. Will often occur if a “card not present” transaction is attempted when the merchant does not support this transaction type.

Terminal has been disconnected from the Paymark network, please contact Paymark on 0800 800 996. This is commonly a billing issue.

Please call us on 0800 180 181.

The EFTPOS terminal’s anti-tampering system has been activated, this system is in place to prevent fraud and tampering of the EFTPOS equipment. Please call us on 0800 180 181.

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