Case Study - Polynesian Spas

Polynesian Spa is New Zealand's original and iconic geothermal bathing experience, with exclusive access to both acidic and alkaline natural mineral springs, and unique spa therapies for the ultimate in relaxation. Polynesian Spa is a must-do, located in the heart of Rotorua, one of NZ's iconic tourist destinations. With 28 hot bathing pools to immerse in, Polynesian Spa has something to offer everyone. Enjoy refreshments and coffee at their licensed cafe or shop for that special gift at their onsite gift-store.

The Challenge

Polynesian Spa is known for its world-famous spas. After reviewing their facilities, they realized there were further opportunities for growth and satisfaction by the way their customers paid. With their diverse international customer base, they needed to expand their options to accept EFTPOS payment in foreign currencies. Initially, Polynesia Spa contacted their Point of Sale (POS) partner, in hopes they would provide the intended result. Unfortunately, their POS partner had only one integrated EFTPOS solution, and they had no plans to produce another integration that would provide the functionality that Polynesian Spa wanted. After trying to find alternate options, Polynesia spa hit a dead end.

Polynesian Spas
Polynesian Spas

The Solution

Polynesian Spa is now able to offer international customers the ability to pay in their home currency. They are giving a better overall experience for their diverse customer base. Polynesian Spa has now opened the door to more potential customers, that they might not otherwise have gained.

The Results

After Polynesian Spa was introduced to Eftco, Eftco engaged with Polynesians Spa's POS provider. With Eftco acting as mediators, they were able to supply the POS provider with the right knowledge and understanding that lead to the new POS integration getting developed. This new POS integration allows Polynesian Spa to communicate with an application on the EFTPOS terminal called 'Currency Select'. With the added functionality of Currency Select, the EFTPOS terminal will automatically detect foreign cards and offer relevant currency options and local prices.

Polynesian Spas

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