Case Study - Gull Whitianga

Gull Whitianga is a petrol station located in Monk Street, Whitianga. Visit the friendly and helpful team at Gull for all your fuels needs PLUS LPG refill, bait, tackle, ice, lubricants, auto parts, drinks, groceries, magazines and local newspapers.

The Challenge

As a supplier of petrol, Gull Whitianga is busy. Their customers are after quick and easy service - in and out. When there are technical issues onsite, they want them solved fast. In a cashless society, everyone carries their plastic card. One day the EFTPOS stopped connecting to their PC. Being an integrated terminal this meant they couldn't process transactions. They contacted Eftco after being told by their IT that their EFTPOS terminal needed replacing.

Gull Whitianga
Gull Whitianga

The Solution

Eftco was able to promptly resolve this issue over the phone with minimal disruption. There was no delay caused by the need for a replacement terminal. The link between the EFTPOS and the POS needed re-establishing, likely due to a network change.

The Results

Eftco's highly trained technicians solved Gull Whitianga’s intricate problems. Gull Whitianga had their EFTPOS terminal up and running with a short phone call to Eftco. We've been providing this level of service and support to Gull Whitianga since 2009.

Gull Whitianga

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