Case Study - Champions of the World

Champions of the World is one of New Zealand's largest re-sellers of licensed All Blacks and Super Rugby clothing and merchandise. They are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and have six stores located throughout the country as well as a strong online E-commerce platform. They pride themselves in offering first-class service to locals and visitors. Their online store has operated since 2000 and has shipped thousands of orders around New Zealand and globally, resulting in happy rugby fans all over. Champions of the World offer a stress-free, customer service focused in-store & online shopping experience that allows you to find what you need.

The Challenge

Champions of the World upgraded their Point of Sale (POS) in 2018 resulting in the need to change provider’s to meet the needs of the new operating system. Their current EFTPOS provider had no existing solutions to integrate the EFTPOS terminal with their new POS. The last thing Champions of the World wanted was to try to reconcile two different systems. If your EFTPOS totals don't balance against your point of sale POS totals, it can be a nightmare. This was a non–negotiable factor to the change required. Additionally, Champions of the World needed the ability to hire extra EFTPOS terminals for short term events like rugby games where they have pop up stores selling merchandise.

Champions of the World
Champions of the World

The Solution

Champions of the World approached Eftco after being referred by their new POS provider, Cin7. Eftco had existing EFTPOS terminals that worked with their new POS. Eftco handled the change over from their previous provider once their contract was up and organised new EFTPOS terminals for all their sites. Every time Champions of the World have up and coming events, they contact Eftco's dedicated Short Term Hire Manager to arrange the entire process.

The Results

Champions of the World now have an integrated working solution, and they only have to reconcile one system at the end of the day. The ease of contact with Eftco's dedicated Short Term Hire Manager also simplifies the stress when preparing for the big game days.

Champions of the World

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