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  • $ 1,167.00

    The SAM4S ER-390MB is the best value and ideal solution for small to medium retail or hospitality businesses, such as cafes, clothing stores and restaurant’s. It is equipped with a standard high speed thermal printer and a 2 line LCD display. This flexible keyboard allows programming the desired functions you need. It has the ability to be interfaced with...

    $ 1,167.00
  • $ 800.00

    The Sam4s ER-230B is a small light weight cash register that adds versatility. Great for mobile merchants at markets, roadside stalls, and in general retail. Has ability to run on 240v or its pair of internal batteries (8 hours operation). It has 12 keys on display for programming additional PLU’s (Price Look Up’s) are available to be programmed if needed. 

    $ 800.00
  • $ 20.00

    If you have lost your till keys, then get in contact with us. 

    $ 20.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items